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VT-4300 Vette Series Booth

VT-4300 Features:

Vette Series Booth - The VT-4300 is a fully upholstered booth featuring a 18" seat height and a 36" overall height back with custom classic car inside back design with a classic high baseboard design. Modular construction allows easy replacement of end caps, seats and backs. The lower baseboard is solid pine board covered with heavy duty, scuff resistant vinyl as a standard or laminated as an option.

This booth is offered with two colors of upholstery in the same grade at no extra charge.

* Shown with optional accent piping (add 3%).

VT-4300 Pricing and Specifications:

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Options Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Wt. Dimensions
  Single $1,375.06 $1,423.19 $1,473.00 $1,524.56 $1,577.93 110 lbs.   24"D x 44"W x 36"H
  Double $2,062.59 $2,134.80 $2,209.50 $2,286.86 $2,366.89 150 lbs.   45"D x 44"W x 36"H

(Click on Grade above for color selection)

30" length..... deduct 10%
48" length..... add 5%
60" length..... add 30%
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